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Abhirami C V
07 Mar 2022


Easy Courses Thrissur offers you the best Data Science course for a great career. Learning a Data Science course has become important for those who are aspiring a promising career in the field of technology.  Data is one of the important features of every organization and gaining a practical skill set in Data Science will help companies to acquire customers by analyzing their needs, that is the reason why Data Science jobs are growing to be some of the cost effective and most in-demand profession in the corporate and academic world today. Companies are hiring skilled Data Scientists to strengthen their analytics teams.


Our Online training helps you to master the concepts of Data Science from the right from the elementary concepts such as Statistics, Data Management, and Python & R programming to advanced topics like Clustering & forecasting, Text mining, NLP, Word Cloud. Easy Courses Thrissur, provides you the hands-on experience you need to be a brilliant Data Scientist.


What is Data Science course and its applications?


Data Science is an integral part of the IT industry since many years. As the world entered the span of big data, the requirement for its storage also grew. It can be defined as an art of making raw data useful, it is a blend of mathematics, algorithms, and machine learning principles. Several industries like banking, transport, finance, healthcare and many more are using Data Science to better their products. 


Let us explore how data science is applicable in each of these sectors:


Banking - It is one of the main applications of Data Science. Banks are using data science to manage their resources efficiently. Additionally they can make intelligent decisions  through fraud detection, management of customer data, risk modeling, real-time predictive analytics, customer segmentation, etc.


Transport - Another application of data science is in the transportation sector. Data Science has a key role in making safer driving environments for drivers and optimizing vehicle performance and adding greater autonomy to the drivers. Moreover data science has enhanced its manifold with the introduction of self-driving cars. Various transportation companies are using Data Science for price optimization and providing better experiences to their customers.


Finance - Finance sector is also hugely benefited by Data Science in automating various financial tasks. Like banks, finance industries have also used Data Science for automated risk analytics in order to carry out strategic decisions for the company.The use of machine learning algorithms enhanced cost efficiency and model sustainability through training on the massively available customer data. Likewise financial institutions use machine learning for predictive analytics. It allows the companies to predict customer lifetime value and their stock market moves.


Healthcare - There is a rapid growth in the application of Data Science in medicine and biotechnology. It has made a progress in bringing advanced diagnostic technologies such as medical imaging, drug discovery, genetics, predictive and more. This resulted in the transformation of traditional methods of diagnosis to the era of modern diagnostic measures which almost wiped out medical errors.


Similar other organizations has heavily utilized Data Science as a source of energy for business.


Who can do Data Science Course ? 


Data Science is about the scientific approach in processing extremely large amount of data requirements. Since there are diverse job opportunities in this field, many students have started selecting Data Science course as a better career building option. Anyone who is aspiring a career in Data Science whether a fresher or a professional can learn Data Science. The basic eligibility criteria of Data Science course is passing class 12  with 50% aggregate marks and clarity of basic concepts of mathematics and statistics. Easy Courses Thrissur will be a perfect choice for students and professionals who are in search for a best Data Science Course


Are Data Science jobs in demand ?


Data Science jobs are the most trending and in-demand jobs today. As Data Science is applicable in almost all fields and industries the world is in need for skilled Data Scientists. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts about 28% of job openings in data science and related fields through 2026 .  There is 650 percent growth in Data Scientist roles since 2012 (Source : LinkedIn) and it continues to evolve as the Sexiest jobs in the world of technology. In fact, since 2019 there is 46% of hiring in Data Science industry in India.  


The key reasons for the demand for Data Science job roles are:

 >  Companies are facing challenges in organizing data.

 >  Growing global demand

 >  Shortfall of skilled resources

 >  High paying job

 >  Abundance of job roles

 >  The ‘X’ factor


Who is a Data Scientist and what do they do?


 A Data Scientist is someone who process and analyze to extract meaningful information which is helpful in decision making. They are big data wranglers collecting and analyzing extremely large amount of structured and unstructured data. They requires a foundation in computer science, statistics, and mathematics. A Data Scientist is responsible for creating solutions and strategies that address business challenges.


Skill sets required to become a Data Scientist:

 >  Math and Statistics

 >  Machine Learning Methods

 >  Analytics and Modeling

 >  Programming (Python/R)

 >  Data Visualization

 >  Data Wrangling

 >  Communication


What is the salary of a Data Scientist ? 


Data Scientists are professionals who are responsible for gathering, analyzing,and interpreting huge amount of data. Data Scientist role is one of the highly lucrative profession today. Due to its its high demand companies are ready to pay more for those having skills to take on the positions of Data Analysts, Scientists, Engineers, etc.  A highly skilled data scientist can earn an average salary of Rs.698,412 per year and an entry-level Data Scientist can make approximately 500,000 per year with less than one year of experience. India becomes the second-highest country to recruit employees in the field of Data Science. Accordingly, doing a best Data Science Course became necessary for job seekers in this highly competitive field.


Easy Courses Thrissur provides you the best Data Science Course. Our course on Data Science using Python and R is specially designed for those who are in search for Data Science as a perfect career building option. Our Data Science Certification program in Thrissur is a government approved course. We offer LIVE interactive online classes mentored by experts in this field. Enroll now to get the hands-on learning experience and take your careers to the next level.