Losing Job is painful but you can bounce back with new skills

Angela Davis
03 Jun 2021

losing job The Coronavirus pandemic has shaken the foundations of many business entities around the world. According to UN’s primary analysis, 25 million jobs could be lost by the end of this year. The situation has created serious damages to our economic condition and it would take more than a year for the economies to bounce back. Companies are cutting short the manpower to survive in the business and anyone of us could be the victim of manpower cost cutting in the days to come. 

Whether you have been downsized, laid off or requested to take a long break, loosing job unexpectedly is one of the most stressful situations in life. Apart from the financial anguish, it takes a heavy toll on your mental state. However, this is not the time for crying over the situation, maybe life is giving you another chance to remould your career. You need to use this break to upgrade your skills. Consider investing on improving your skills and turn yourself into a professional who can play vital roles in organizations. In the next job you take up, you should be someone who the company cannot afford to loose, no matter what the situation is.


Today, different kinds of online courses are available to help you acquire new skills. You can carefully choose a course that can help you add new skills and apply for new jobs with high level of confidence. Here are a few examples of courses that you may choose based on your current profile.


Digital Marketing

People in sales or marketing are important to the companies until they achieve their sales figures. The moment your performance start falling below the expectations, your job is at risk. However, if you are a multi-talented professional who is good at convincing the client and closing the deal, at the same you are well-versed on how to brand a product or generate leads through digital marketing, you are always going to be on the demanding side.

Digital marketing has a huge scope in the future. Since you already have selling skills, you would be in a better position to use these advanced digital techniques to fetch the best result. You can learn SEO, Social Media Marketing, Google Ad words, Content Marketing and many more techniques to make your potential clients find your company, rather than you spending day and night to find your customers. If you are really interested, you can go for advanced digital marketing training like digital marketing with AI, Influential Marketing, IoT marketing etc. You can also choose to get training on a particular platform or a specific digital marketing technique.


Full Stack Development or advanced software coding 

If you are into software development and still work on the old technologies, it’s time for you to upgrade your skills. Companies are looking for multi-talented Full Stack developers who are well versed in different front-end and back-end technologies. They need people who can slip into any role or take the entire responsibility of the project. A Full Stack development course will make you highly skilled on different technologies and enable you to play vital roles in the projects.

You could also checkout the courses available on different trending technologies like Python, Django etc. to switch your development platform. The idea is to get trained on a technology that will stay in demand for many years to come. If the technology you are learning is in its initial stage of growth, you will have better opportunities in the industry.


Data Science or AI

Data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing at a rapid pace. Companies are looking for highly talented data scientists, AI experts, machine learning experts etc. to take their businesses to next levels. So, if you are good at logical thinking and have a passion to extract valid information from raw data, take up a data science course and enter into the new world of possibilities. If you love to research and be a part of inventions that are going to create revolutions, learn AI, Machine Learning or IoT. Though the world is stunned to see machines or computers performing human-like tasks, these concepts are still at their initial stage of growth.


Ethical Hacking

If you are a system administrator who is already good at computers/networking and if you are interested in becoming a highly paid Ethical Hacker, you can take an Ethical Hacking course online. Since, cyber security has become a serious threat across the globe, companies are ready to invest hefty amount on making IT infrastructures hack-proof. So, why not become one of those highly paid ethical hacker by just adding a few skills to your armoury?

There are several other courses like Cloud Computing, Advanced Networking, IoT etc. that can drastically change the graph of your career. Most importantly, you have to choose a course provider who measures their success, not by looking at the income they earned, rather by the number of candidates who tremendously benefited from their courses.  We at Easy Courses can give you a hand at your difficult time to bounce back with confidence. Our training programs are conducted by experts who are working professionals in the respective industries.  Rather than just recorded videos, we offer interactive sessions to make sure that you understand every bit of what we are trying to deliver. Our well planned assessments help you to gauge your take away from the course and relearn until you gain confidence. Happy Learning for a career restart! 


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