Why is DevOps training the buzz word in the IT industry?

Micheal Jason
07 Jun 2021


devops online training

DevOps training is the newest and most attractive training and career in the IT industry. Is the term clearly understood by all? Here’s a simple explanation of what DevOps is all about and the major phases associated with it. 

In all IT companies, there are two major teams who contribute to success; the development team and operations team. However, their goals seem to be contradicting or clashing. That is what led to the birth of DevOps, rightly called the offspring of Agile software development. At the start, the team consisted of agile developers. Their exceeding efficiency led to the add on roles of Quality Assurance. Gradually their responsibility kept extending to delivery and support.

So DevOps online training is a culture of best practices that ensures standardized delivery of software and stable operations and support. All achieved through automation, set procedures, communication among teams, coordination. 

The plus points of DevOps:

  1. Coordination and communication between Dev, Ops, and QA.

  2. Faster and better development frequency

  3. A minimum failure rate of software releases

  4. Time for innovative ideas.

  5. Faster fixes

  6. Exceptional customer satisfaction

  7. Overall cost reduction 

Let’s see a few popular DevOps practices : 

Continuous Integration: This enables multiple developers to work simultaneously on an app with different features. When developers make changes in the code, they submit the code to a shared branch or trunk. Here the changes are confirmed by automatically building and testing the changes at various levels to ensure the app is not broken. Such continuous integration gives the benefit of testing and early identification of errors. This involves automated tools for testing the accuracy of the new code before integrating it. A source code version control forms the central part of the process. 

Continuous Delivery: The second stage of DevOps maturity of building, testing, and delivering improvements to software code and user environments with the help of automated tools. Here the merged code testing and release automation happen. This stage ensures that a codebase is ready for release on-demand.

Continuous Deployment: The next and final step where on-demand the code which is committed and built is automatically deployed on-demand to production. This requires highly mature DevOps teams and is used only in a few companies like Netflix, Amazon, Etsy, Pinterest.

Get trained on DevOps for a great career

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