Professional Courses after 12th Grade or Graduation

Susmitha Ranjith
03 Jun 2021

professional courses after graduationThere are many mile stones in your life and career. Your choice of profession after 12th grade or Graduation is a major one. In this blog let’s go through some good career or course options that will support your graduation or academic certification.

Gone are the days when academic certification was more than enough to land you a job with leading companies. Now the trend has changed. A professional training course to supplement your academic excellence has become a must. 

Importance of Professional Certification: 

A professional course or certification provides you with the required practical skills that impoverish your theoretical knowledge. Companies are looking for job aspirants with practical skill set as they do not wish to spend a lot of time on basic training and enhancement. So applicants with an add on professional qualification is definitely the choice of companies.


While selecting a professional training, you need to ensure that you acquire the practical skill set or know how of things. By just completing an online tutorial kind of course you are not going to acquire any skill and will end up wasting your time and money. Even if it is an online course go for direct classes rather than recorded ones where there is no one to clear your doubts or guide you. 

Few points you need to consider while choosing a professional course:

u  Opt for a professional course which will supplement your academic qualification.

u  Enroll for preferably a direct training or an online course with direct classes.

u  While choosing a course go for a short term one that gives you a comprehensive syllabus and not an elaborate syllabus.

u  Too much of knowledge is not required. Learn what is required and learn it practically.

u  Prefer courses that qualify you for more than one job roles, so you have a variety to choose from.

u  Learn from professionals who can guide you with the current trend in the industry.

u  Get certifications that mention your skill sets.

u  Always look for a step ahead qualification rather than the basic.


Now let’s have a look at the after 12th or graduation certification courses that are trending and could give your resume a good and much needed boost.


Diploma in Financial Accounting: This is a professional course for 12th commerce students. In this course you acquire the practical skills to pursue a career in the field. The training covers more than just the accounting manual and computerized concepts. Here other important topics covered include, Income Tax ( GST), Payroll accounting, Advanced Excel, etc. This Diploma in Financial Accounting course qualifies you to apply for more than one job role. If you have completed 12th grade you can enroll for this course and get on with the job opportunities.


Data Science using Python: Data Science is one trending technology which is very much in demand. This technology is being pursued not only by science and engineering grads. The speciality of this technology is its universal application. This technology is revolutionizing every industry and space. Companies in all sectors are on the lookout for Data Science Professionals. This is one certification course that could work wonders for your career. A Data Science course using Python as the programming language would be the right choice for an exciting career in the trending field of technology.


Ethical Hacking: With our generation adapting rapidly to the world of virtual reality, cloud technology, and the Internet, the need to ensure the safety of our data is of utmost importance. Security of our personal devices and data and that of companies is at stake. Companies are investing huge amounts in cyber security measures. This field is very exciting and you need to be a technology freak as this is one career where you need to stay updated and think innovatively. If you acquire good skill set in this technology with a good Ethical Hacking Training then there is no looking back.


Python: The most popular, most sought after, the easiest, the most powerful, and the list goes on. In today’s world of technology the importance of learning Python needs no argument. By learning Python not only are you learning a very powerful programming language. But also qualifying yourself to learn other trending technologies like Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and much more. So if technology is your passion then Python programming is best course for you.


Digital Marketing Course: This is one career or course option that has flexibility in all its aspects. Starting with there is no pre qualification required to learn digital marketing. Anyone who has keen interest in internet, ,marketing, social media can easily pick up the skill set and start. By learning this skill you can join companies, start freelancing or start your own business. Its completely your choice. You can even specialize in one of its verticals like SEO, Social Media, PPC, Creatives, etc. As per your passion. The demand for Digital Marketing professionals with proper skill set has been on the rise for quite a while. Predictions are that its only going to increase as people are getting more and more involved in the digital space. 


At Easy Courses we provide Digital marketing course clubbed with Internships to ensure your hands on knowledge on the various verticals. Expert digital marketers guide you on the basics as well as the current practices to ensure you master the skill.


These courses are all very much in-demand and rewarding in today’s corporate world. These Professional Course Certifications will only boost your resume and definitely your knowledge


Easy Courses is a technology training institute at Thrissur which believes in providing quality professional training for students and professionals. We provide training on all trending technologies for students just completing graduation as well as professionals looking for a refresher.


Our courses are designed by Industry Experts to include the current practices for specific technology and ensure the students are job ready once they complete the course. 


We provide both direct and online training. For a good learning and value for your resume do walk into our office.

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