Work from home opening up new job opportunities for home makers

Angela Davis
03 Jun 2021

work from homeThe Corona virus pandemic is certainly the worst crisis mankind has ever faced after the 2 world war. It infected millions of people across the globe, killed lakhs of people, thrashed the world economy and forced all of us to stay behind closed doors for months. The fight against Corona is still going on and hopefully, we will soon return to normalcy. However, there is one thing that may not change for a long time “Work from home” .Yes, WFH seems to be setting a new trend.

In the start of January 2020, when the Novel Virus attack started to appear as global threat, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of the Social Media giant “Facebook” announced that Facebook is going to be the most forward-leaning company towards remote working culture. He rolled out different strategies to make sure that his employees stay safe at home and at the same time, perform their jobs well.  Later on, he came up with a statement that he expects 50% of his employees to work from home for next 5 to 10 years. Several other well-known IT and ITES companies allowed their employees to work-from-home and all seem to be very happy with the outcome. Many corporates including Facebook and Google have started hiring employees on a work-from-home basis. Companies see a lot of benefits in work-from-home model such as cost saving, increased efficiency, reduced cost of Infrastructure management, increased availability of resources etc. 

Opportunities for Home Makers

This is a grand opportunity for home makers who had to give up their jobs just because they could not travel. World is in need of highly talented people and work from home model will allow skillful people to work for any company in the world from anywhere they are. Though such a trend opens up a new world of opportunities, the competition is going to be really tough. So, home makers would need to acquire new skillsets to explore the opportunities out there. Well, good news is you do not have step out of your home to learn new things either, the online learning portals can let you take different online courses from the comfort of your home. 


An engineering degree is no more a prerequisite 


There are tremendous opportunities for training on Python, data science, artificial intelligence, ethical hacking, software or web development etc. Though you need to have sound knwledge in computer science to get into these fields, an engineering degree is not mandatory. If you are passionate about getting into these trending segments and willing to learn with unwavering dedication, you can choose a relevant online course and get an entry into these booming industries. Companies are looking for passionate, highly skilled and dedicated man power to perform well at their jobs. So, even if you are not a computer engineer by education, you still stand a chance, if you are talented and well trained.  


Things you need to keep in mind while opting for online courses 


You need to be very choosy when it comes to signing up for online courses. Since, the online education has become a huge market, several online websites are offering courses at cheap rates. You need to keep in mind that the idea is not to get an online certification to make your resume look more attractive. You are opting for an online course to acquire new skillsets and improve your knowledge.


Get trained by Industry Experts

Since location is no more a boundary for hiring companies, the pool of talent available to them is endless. So, the online course provider should be capable of making you Industry-ready. You should have an opportunity to learn from experts who are working professionals in the industry you are aiming to get into.

Interactive Training Sessions
Rather than just watching recorded videos/tutorials, you should get individual attention and opportunity to clarify your doubts and get 100% clarity on what you are learning. There should be assessments to gauge your takeaway from the course. In short, though you are taking up an online course, you should get all the benefits you could avail in a direct class room.

Do not fall for cheap price tags

Attractive price tags or fancy advertisements are not what you need, after all you are not buying a product. You are opting for a course that can get your career back on track in a highly competitive scenario. If you succeed in getting back to your professional life, you are going to rise up with confidence. So, do your research well, interact with the course provider before you sign up for a course. You could attend a demo class to judge the teaching style. Happy Learning and All the best for a New start!

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