Be Our CSC

Easy Courses is an initiative for offering various Job oriented Courses for job seekers and Newgen technology Programs for children (age group 7-18). The technologies dealt by Easy Courses are designed based on the need of the industry. Thereby it’s valuable for customers and also creates a profitable business for investors.

Easy Courses are way different from the existing online/offline training platforms in terms of its trainers and course content.i.e. the trainers are subject experts who are passionate to teach and content is what is truly needed rather than dumping information.

What is expected from Customer Support Centre?

Promote the programs of Easy Courses and take admissions collecting fees. Transfer the customer details, Course offered along with specific commitment (if any), and the course fee to Easy Courses retaining your margin.
Terms and Conditions: Registration fee of INR 50,000/-to become Customer Service Centre


What can be expected from Easy Courses to Customer Support Centre?

Unique Benefits for CSC of Easy Courses

Easy to start

The Customer Support Centre is very easy to start as you don’t need to invest in an office premise to start business.

No Bulk payment

There is no bulk payment in the beginning to start the association with Easy Courses.

Flexibility in marketing investment

You can market through traditional methods / online based on your budget and thereby you decide the business volume or growth

No operational burden

CSC of Easy Courses is relieved from the entire service and operational difficulties of structuring the course, arranging trainers, maintaining customer satisfaction, certification etc.

Maximum margin with minimum efforts

The profit margin which you are going to make by marketing and selling our programs will be definitely more than managing the whole business that too without operational issues of service.

Even though the CSC is offered without any bulk payment or franchise fee the association shall be only with people who believe in business ethics and service culture. We have kept all other areas relaxed for the same.

Higher profits

As Customer Support Centre you have the flexibility to fix your profit margin within the guidelines. i.e. the amount to be paid for a course to Easy Courses is fixed, but you as Customer Support Centre is given flexibility to price the courses up to a maximum limit. In this model 50% or more of the course fee is shared with the CSC.