Programs for Kids - A firm step into the Digital World

Samantha Samuel
07 Jun 2021

online course for kidsHave you ever been in a situation when you had to ask your young kid how to do something on your smartphone? For sure, many of us have noticed how our children have a better grasping than us for using digital gadgets. Well, there is nothing to wonder about. Our children have access to smartphones and Internet even before they turn 7. Whether you like it or not, digital world is a part of their everyday life even before they learn to speak or even walk properly. The children of this generation are already familiar and fascinated by the digital technology around them. So instead of restricting their screen time we need to move them from a passive user mode to an active creator mode.

The age span starting from 8 to 15 is considered to be a golden period for learning in everyone’s life. At the age of 8 your child starts developing his critical & abstract thinking skills. You will notice him/her asking you more questions about everything they see around. They start playing games with complicated rules. They express creative skills and start to create their own sense of right and wrong. They develop competitiveness and become curious to know how things are made and how they work. This is the time you should give your child new opportunities to learn. There are several Nurturing course for kids available to help your children learn what they love. 

Software Coding or Computer skills

Until a decade ago, computer coding was not everyone’s cup of tea. People with computer programming skills were considered to be geniuses. However, that’s not the case now. Coding is just another language one that allows us to communicate with computers. So, why not let your child learn the basics of computer coding at his/her young age? Let your child join basic computer literacy course to get their basics right. An appropriate knowledge in MS word. Spread sheet, Ppt will help them in their projects and overall presentation.

If your child shows great interest on computers, you can have him or her join ‘C’. Like you may know, ‘C’ is still considered to be the foundation of every programming language. Your child would be amazed to see the computers performing tasks based on his/her command. It will fire up his/her eagerness to learn more about software coding. Here you can take your next step and let him join advanced programming languages.

By joining a computer coding course, your child will learn a lot more than just how to write programs and execute them. Computer coding teaches them creative ways of solving problems by thinking out-of-box. Coding teaches them that mistakes do not mean failure, rather it’s just another opportunity to learn a new way to solve the problem. They learn that there can be more than one right answer to a question. Coding teaches children how to organize the work by dividing the whole project into different tasks and achieve milestones. Such learnings will have a great impact and develop logical thinking in them. They become positive thinkers, develop a great level of endurance, start looking at things in multiple dimensions and so on.


If your little one is from those who love to dismantle electronic devices at home and see what makes the device do the magic, let your little one learn electronics at his/her young age. Online electronic courses for children are available to help them learn the basics of electronics. They can learn about coding tools, micro controllers, interfacing of devices and many more. Such an approach will kinder their interest and set a path for their career in the early age. 


Artificial Intelligence or Ethical Hacking

Artificial Intelligence is changing the world at a rapid pace. Most probably, by the time our children grow up, there would be no field in the world untouched by Artificial Intelligence. Learning these technologies will help the children understand the workings of many interesting gadgets around them. Moreover, it would increase his/her curiosity to learn more about these interesting subjects and build machines that can do human-like tasks.

Ethical Hacking is another area where children show great interest. The middle-school children would already know what hacking means from Hollywood movies. What can be more exciting for them than being able to perform a James Bond kind of task by at their own? These hacking courses for children cover a basic introduction to the networking, IT security system and different hacking techniques. By learning the hacking concepts, children will also know how to protect their IT assets and credentials from being hacked. 

There are numerous such available courses for kids, take your first step and choose one for your little one based on his/her interest. It shall never be an extra burden on him/her, rather it will be something that they would love to learn at their own.

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